1. Why doesn't tutorials 2 and 3 work?

2. Can I translate your tutorials to my native language?

3. Is there a translation to Russian?

4. Is there a translation to French?

5. Is there a port to Java?

6. I'm unable to load my model file


1. Tutorials 2 and 3 are somewhat unsafe since they don't use shaders for rendering. This is because I take a step by step approach and only introduce shaders in tutorial 4 but I still wanted to demonstrate how to render a dot and a triangle before that. Not having a shader program active is undefined behavior in the programmable pipeline but it still works on my NVIDIA card. I guess there is a fallback in the driver that makes it work. Some people told me that it only worked for them after updating their drivers and for some it didn't work at all. Anyway, if you cannot get it to work don't worry. Simply study the theory and continue to tutorial 4. From there on it is all shaders.

2. Please do. I will add a link to the translation to the website.

3. Yes:

4. Yes:

5. Yes:

6. We use Assimp to load models (see tutorial 22). If you are unable to load your model try to load it with the Assimp Viewer. This will tell you whether the problem is with the file or with my code (and let me know...).