The tutorials are written in C++. My assumption is that the reader is experienced in that language and in software development in general.

The primary requirement for running the tutorials is a GPU that supports version 3.3 of the OpenGL spec at least (though some of the tutorials, e.g. Tessellation, require 4.x support). The code is maintained on github and you can get using:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Then execute the following in order to install the dependencies:

cd ogldev && sudo ./

A video tutorial on setting up Ubuntu for OpenGL development is available on my youtube channel:

If you are on Windows you can watch the following video:

For more information on setting up OpenGL check out the following video tutorials by Frahaan Hussain on Windows and on the Mac.

Arch Linux

Neils Heidbrook has created a similar script for installing on Arch Linux. You can get it at this github link.